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  • Buy Local or Bye Local!

    Your support of local businesses this holiday supports real people's dreams, boosts the local economy, funds community services, creates jobs, and so much more. If you can, shop local.

  • Winter Skincare Tips & Must-Haves

    Winter has arrived. Here in New England, this means dry air, freezing (and below-freezing) temperatures, and sometimes even snow! I do love the snow part, but the rest? Not so much. Here are some tips for taking care of your skin during these harsh winter months, and the products we recommend using.

  • Transitional Skincare Favorites for Fall

    Fall is here and winter is on its way. Help ease your skin into cooler weather with a few of our favorite transitional skincare products.

  • How-To: Hibiscus Honey Syrup

    How to make herbal honey syrups to enjoy with lemonade, cocktails, and more! They're also a great way to get your kiddos to have herbal remedies. We used hibiscus for this recipe, but you can use any edible herb ~ lavender, chamomile, elderberry, peppermint are a few of my favorites.

  • We're Funding Social Change

    This month, florapothecarie is donating 10% of our total sales to Color Of Change and another 10% to The Trevor Project to help these organizations create positive legislative change and local community impact for people of color and LGBTQ youth. Read on for more resources and actions you can take to be a better ally to people of color and LGBTQ people.

  • Rose Quartz Radiate Love Ritual

    Learn to banish negativity and radiate love for yourself and love for others with this simple ritual using rose quartz, rose petals, and a few of our favorite love-infused bath & body products.

  • New Moon Intention Setting Ritual

    The New Moon represents new beginnings, a time for pursuing the things our subconscious wants or needs most. It's a time to check in with ourselves and find out how we're feeling, how we want to be feeling, and set intentions and actions for what we need to do to feel that way. Here's a simple intention setting ritual I like to do every New Moon.

  • COVID-19 Updates

    COVID-19 Updates from florapothecarie. In summary, we're still opening and accepting online orders. We're doing our best to ship within 24 hours so you get the self-care goodies you need asap. We already adhere to strict cleanliness and sanitation guidelines when manufacturing our products.

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