Rose Quartz Radiate Love Ritual

The best way to banish hate is with love.

Photo by Kelsey Haley Media.

I rarely listen to, read, or watch "the news." It always seems so desperate and fatalistic, and that isn't how I want to view the world. I am an emotional, empathic person so I absorb the energy around me and it truly affects me. Anger, destruction, and hate get much more airtime than love these days and if you're like me, you're saddened by it too.

So let's make a vow to radiate more love. I know this isn't always easy, so I have a simple ritual to help. An important thing to note is that it's hard to love others if you don't first love yourself. This ritual will help you push aside your self-criticisms and become imbued with self love and love for others. This is what works for me, but feel free to modify it based on what brings you joy and love.

Rose Quartz "Radiate Love" Bathing Ritual

Inspires self love and love for others. This is best done during the waxing moon, which is a time for detoxifying, reflection, recharging, and regeneration. Though this is a bathing ritual, it can be done in the shower or as a meditation.

You will need:

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Gather your materials in your bathroom. If you live with others, let them know you need a few minutes of quiet time.

Fill your bathtub with warm water and pour in your bath salt soak, bath milk, or other bath product you are using.

Light your candles and carefully place them along the rim of your tub if you can. If you can't, place them on the floor or nearby on the back of the toilet, or on a table or other surface. Be careful to keep the flame away from anything that might catch fire. Place your rose quartz in the tub.

Photo by MOJALVO.

Get in the tub and soak for a few minutes. Hold on to the rose quartz and let go of the negative thoughts you have about yourself and others. Picture moments when you have witnessed or experienced love. Invoke the Goddess, Gaia, or Mother Mary if you wish. Think or speak:

I love and accept myself, flaws and all.
I also love and honor my gifts and talents - they are unique and wonderful.

I am a good human, and I am worthy of love.
There is good and compassion in the world.
I will radiate love and warmth.
I am love. 

Breathe in gratitude and love. Breathe out gratitude and love. Repeat the above mantra as much as you would like.

Spend as much time in the tub as you need. This is your time to relax and be at peace with yourself and your body. When you are ready, get out of the tub and gently pat yourself down with a towel to dry off. Apply your body oil or lotion and repeat the above mantra to yourself or out loud.

Go into the world with love and light in your heart.

One way I remind myself to emanate love is by wearing my favorite necklace, a wire-wrapped rose quartz on a copper chain made by my dear friend Kate Stephen Jewelry. Kate radiates love and compassion, so I know every piece she makes is imbued with both. This is especially true of rose quartz, a stone that represents love (especially learning to love yourself) and treats sadness and emotional imbalances.

Note: If you're not a bath person, this can be done in the shower or outside of the bathroom as a meditation. Light the candles nearby (but not too close to you) and sprinkle the rose petals around you or on the floor of your shower.