Product Launch! Introducing Bulk Serum, Salt & Coconut Milk Bath, and Tea Accessories!

Product drop alert! Introducing Bulk Serum, Salt & Coconut Milk Bath, a mesh tea ball, and reusable cotton muslin tea bags!

Rejuvenating Facial Serum Bulk Refill Bottle
After introducing bulk refills for my Rose & Willow Cleanser and Rose & Tea Toner, many of you asked me when a Serum refill was coming, and here it is! This 8oz bottle will refill our standard 2oz pump bottles four times, but you'll spend way less! Shop Serum Bulk Refill ▸

Salt & Coconut Milk Bath
I combined two of my (and your) favorite bath products into one - a coconut milk bath with pink Himalayan salts! Finely powdered coconut milk and baking soda soften and hydrate while pink Himalayan salt mineralizes, detoxifies, and helps soothe sore muscles. 
Shop Salt & Coconut Milk Bath ▸

Mesh Tea Ball Infuser
Another request I get often is for steeping tools to use with my herbal teas, so I'm introducing two! This 2" stainless steel mesh ball has a 4" chain to clip to your mug, plus a clasp that makes it easy to open and close, but doesn't unexpectedly pop open, as many do. Shop Mesh Tea Ball Infuser ▸

Cotton Muslin Reusable Tea Bags
A great reusable alternative to single-use tea bags! These 100% cotton muslin bags are undyed, unbleached and have a drawstring that closes tightly for steeping. Comes in a set of 4. Bags can be washed in a washing machine, but lay flat to dry. Shop Cotton Muslin Tea Bags ▸