eBook: DIY Natural Beauty On A Budget

  • $ 15.00
Everything you ever wanted to know about making your own natural beauty products! DIY Natural Beauty on a Budget is filled with over 40 recipes for creating face wash, body scrubs, hair & face masks, oils & serums, and more!

This is an instant download of a PDF. It has 72 pages (73 if you include the cover).

With this eBook you will:

+ Master label-reading and avoid some of the most toxic chemicals in store-bought beauty products.
+ Make 40+ natural beauty products for face, body, and hair.
+ Discover the beauty, health, and aromatherapeutic uses of 60+ ingredients and essential oils.
+ Learn how to blend essential oils and make herbal infusions.
+ Figure out what your hair and skin types are and how best to care for them.
+ Treat common body ailments (bug bites, cellulite, sinus infections, sunburn, etc).

Contents include:

+ Beauty Basics: 7 tips to keep your body & mind healthy and your skin & hair beautiful.
+ Ingredients to Avoid: 13 toxic baddies you don't want anywhere near your skincare.
+ Ingredients to Love: 46 ingredients to keep around as a kitchen beautician.
+ Aromatherapy 101: a compendium of essential oils, their aromatherapeutic benefits, and how to make harmonious blends.
+ What's My Skin Type?
+ What's My Hair Type?

Recipes include:

+ Lavender & Tea Tree Face Wash
+ Gentle Tropical Brightening & Exfoliating Enzyme Mask with Papaya + Pineapple
+ Basic Astringent or Toner
+ Facial Serum & Body Oil
+ Shea Butter Facial Cream
+ Honey Body Wash & Shampoo
+ Coffee Anticellulite Sugar Scrub
+ Vegan Body Balm — the exact recipe I use to make my Coco Body Balms!
+ Soy Massage Candle
+ Natural Deodorant
+ Dry Shampoo
+ Hair Rinses
+ Pumpkin Spice Latte Hair & Face Mask
+ Sea Salt Hair Spray
+ Bubble Bath
+ Herbal Tub Tea
+ more!