Love Crystal Candle

  • $ 30.00

Love, love, love. This hand-poured soy candle is blended with rose petals and topped with a rose quartz, the stone for universal love and harmony, blessed under a full moon to help you manifest compassion, love for yourself, and love for others. The rosy scent is truly hard to describe, but a must for anyone who loves rose even a little bit. Not your grandma's too-sweet perfume, this scent is more like a rose milk bath or a fancy Italian rose gelato. Bellissimo! You are love, and you are loved. 💖

8oz glass jar soy candle with a burn time of approximately 40+ hours.

Candle care & burning instructions: Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" to avoid soot and smoke, and to maintain a level wax melt. Never leave unattended while burning.