the florapothecarie journal


  • We're Having a Baby!

    There will soon be another little animal in the florapothecarie home!
    🧸🐣 Baby Artus due 12/8/23. 👶💖

  • Why Make Everything By Hand? Because I Care

    Hey there, it's me, Sami Jo, founder of florapothecarie. Did you know I make all products by hand? Yep. Nothing is produced in a factory ~ every product you purchase from florapothecarie is made with love by little ol' me.

  • IBE NY 17 Process: Building DIY A-Frame Ladder Shelves

    Last week, I announced Dave & I are going to Indie Beauty Expo NY in a few weeks and I promised to share a few behind-the-scenes peeks at how we're preparing for our first trade show. Here's a look at how we (okay, mostly my Dad) built the ladder shelves we'll be using in our booth!

  • Flora: The Lady in the Logo

    Today is Floralia, the festival day of the Roman goddess Flora, mother of flowers, vegetation, and fertility. I created my logo and business in her honor, and so I thought I'd share how florapothecarie came to be...

  • My Natural Skincare Routine

    As a maker of natural + vegan beauty products, I’m frequently asked about my skincare routine. After years of research, ditching toxic products, and experimenting with ingredients and recipes, I’ve finally reached a place where everything I use in my skincare routine is 100% natural and—even better—handmade by me! I love this feeling, and I love knowing exactly what’s going on (and into) my skin. Click through to read my daily/weekly self care routine.

  • Behind-The-Scenes: Making Chocolate Masks for Goddess Provisions

    I made over 2,000 chocolate masks for the Goddess Provisions October box. Here's a peek behind the scenes at how I did it, and who helped!

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