Why Make Everything By Hand? Because I Care

Hey there, it's me, Sami Jo, founder of florapothecarie. Did you know I make all products by hand? Yep. Nothing is produced in a factory ~ every product you purchase from florapothecarie is made with by little ol' me. Okay, okay, sometimes my love Dave or my niece Scarlett help out. Either way, what you're getting is something handcrafted with so much love and care.

The whole reason I started florapothecarie was because I'm such a control freak about what goes into my own cosmetics. Out of curiosity, I actually read the label on my favorite body wash one day about nine years ago. "Ummm... wtf is all of this?!" I Googled. I came across EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and typed in those chemicals one by one. I got lost in the Interwebs with my horrified research. (Kind of like when you see one cute puppy video and then another and another... except this was with scary toxic chemicals. Yikes!)

I threw out everything that had really high toxicity ratings. I rolled up my sleeves, and I got making. I've always been a maker. My Nana used to take me to the craft store when I was little and let me buy "just one craft!" and then I'd make, paint, build, in her kitchen for a few hours. I made my first soap when I was 13. I bought one of those melt and pour kits, melted the unscented base in my dad's microwave, burned it, mixed in some color and fragrance anyway, and poured it into a few molds. They were awful! But I gave them to my friends and family who were nice enough to use them anyway.

Now, every beauty product I use is made by me. Every. Single. One. Why? Because I know EXACTLY what goes into it: nothing but good, natural, non-toxic, vegan ingredients and lots of love and care. Why? Because I care about me, I care about you, and I care about our planet. I believe we deserve better, cleaner (but still affordable) beauty. Thank you for believing it too.

💖💚💖💚 Sami Jo

Photo by MOJALVO.