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beauty tips

  • DIY All-Natural Face Wash

    Make your own gentle natural cleanser without harsh surfactants. Perfect for those with sensitive or problem skin, dry or oily.

  • Ingredient Love: Lavender

    From inducing sleep to healing acne, minor cuts and burns, lavender is a must-have in the cabinets of every natural beauty or kitchen witch.

  • How To Keep Your Skin Happy While Traveling

    Travel season is upon us! In all the rush, we sometimes forget to take care of our largest organ: our skin. Read on for tips on keeping it happy and healthy while you're on the go.

  • Introducing: Rejuvenating Facial Serum

    Say hello to my all-new Rejuvenating Facial Serum! This miracle facial elixir is great for all skin types and formulated with nourishing, skin-loving plant oils. Here's what's inside: + jojoba oil — regulates & tames oil production + rose hip seed oil — fades age spots + vitamin e oil — re...

  • 10 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Your Beauty Products

    I started making natural beauty products when I realized just how many toxic chemicals were in my favorite mass-produced cosmetics. It’s incredible to me how much we can’t rely on the Food & Drug Administration to police the cosmetic industry here in the US. The European Union has banned over...

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