How To Keep Your Skin Happy While Traveling

Travel season is upon us! In all the rush, we sometimes forget to take care of our largest organ: our skin. Here are a few tips to keep it happy and healthy while you're on the go:

Have travel sizes of all your favorite skincare products. It's important to keep your skincare routine in tact — don't let traveling mess with your system and throw your skin's balance out of whack. If you have to, make your own with travel-size containers (3oz or less). Psst, did you know I've got travel + gift sets? I just added a facial care set, too! Get 'em here.

You must mist! I carry my Rose + Tea Facial Toner with me everywhere and spritz it on my face and neck when I need a pick-me-up from spending too much time on an airplane, or if it's just too darn hot and I'm starting to feel sluggish. Pick up a travel size (1oz) toner in one of my gift + travel sets.

Carry a water bottle EVERYWHERE. This is something I've picked up from my beau — he's always got a 32oz water bottle with him to keep hydrated. It's easy to forget we need to stay hydrated (especially if you're like me and don't sweat much), but you'll feel tired and your skin will look dull if you're dehydrated. Can't stand drinking water plain? Add some natural flavor! I keep lemons handy and pop a slice or two into my water bottle. Sliced cucumber + mint is another amazingly refreshing combo.

Sugar packets = mini face scrub. It's not always practical to carry body or facial scrubs with you while traveling, but in a pinch, you can mix a sugar packet with your face wash to make a simple exfoliating facial scrub. I like to do this as soon as I get to my hotel room after a flight, to shed any dirt or bacteria I may have picked up from my fellow passengers (yuck!).

Sunscreen is everything. Seriously, beauties, cover up! My go-to non-toxic sunscreen used to be The Naked Bee, but they've changed their formula! So now I'm on the hunt for a new one. Any recommendations?

Image via Margot Pandone, Unsplash.