Ingredient Love: Lavender

From inducing sleep to healing minor cuts and burns, lavender is a must-have in the cabinets of every natural beauty or kitchen witch. Here are just a few of the reasons to love this miracle herb:

1. Stress relief. Lavender is best known for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety. If you're finding yourself overworked, stretched too thin, or generally anxious or stressed out, light a lavender candle, use our Calm Body Oil for a soothing massage (there's a meditation incantation printed on the 4 oz bottle), or take a long soak in the tub with our Calm Floral Bath Salt Soak or Calm Bath Tea.

2. Beauty sleep. Hand-in-hand with lavender's stress-relieving capability is its ability to induce sleep and relaxation. If you're suffering from insomnia or find yourself restless, place a lavender sachet into or near your pillow, drink some soothing lavender and chamomile tea or take a bath before bed with our Calm Floral Bath Salt Soak.

3. Fights acne. Because of its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender essential oil fights bacteria that causes acne infections and reduces swelling and redness. It also works great as an astringent because it helps normalize oil production. It's a key ingredient in our Acne Spot Treatment and Rose & Willow Facial Cleanser.

4. Renews skin. As an antioxidant, lavender essential oil aids in the skin cell renewal process, making it a champion at firming skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also protects against and relieves sun damage. All reasons we use it in our Rejuvenating Facial Serum and Lavender Sugar Scrub, which is gentle enough to be used as a facial scrub. Guys will love our woodsy Lavender + Cedar Beard Oil.

5. Heals burns, wounds, scars, and chapped lips. Aside from fighting acne, Lavender's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory attributes make it beneficial for relieving pain and healing burns, wounds, scars, and chapped lips.

6. Promotes a healthy scalp. Lavender improves blood circulation, treats dandruff, and reduces hair loss, making it a great addition to a hair rinse or conditioner, or a beard oil!


Warning: Do not use lavender essential oil undiluted if you are pregnant or nursing.

Photo of florapothecarie founder Sami Jo Jensen thanks to MOJALVO.