Stockist Spotlight: Almanac Supply Co

It's time for another Stockist Spotlight! I have the pleasure of working with some really amazing fellow small business owners who bring florapothecarie into their shops, both online and brick & mortar. This series will introduce you to some of those shop owners and give you a glimpse inside the shops themselves. We hope you enjoy getting to know our stockists, and if you see a shop you love, please pay them a visit to support small, local businesses! See all Stockist Spotlights here.

Meet Emily Thompson (and David Austin) of Almanac Supply Co

I'd been listening to the Being Boss podcast almost since its inception in early 2015. It was the no-nonsense, "just do the work" advice of entrepreneurs Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon that made me break out of my comfort zone and buy a ticket to their first New Orleans Boss Vaca that October. It was Emily's words to me ("don't cut yourself off at the knee") and Kathleen's "if you're not happy in a relationship, get out" that sparked a huge shift in my life — I left my boyfriend of seven years, re-branded my business, dyed my hair pink, and finally took myself seriously as a badass woman and entrepreneur. (More on that in my Being Boss episode and this article I wrote on banishing negativity.) Three years later, when Emily and her partner David took the plunge to launch Almanac Supply Co. as candle makers and nature-loving curators, I was so glad to be able to share the ups and downs of a maker business with them, and honored when they asked to carry select florapothecarie products.

florapothecarie: What makes Almanac Supply Co. unique?
Emily Thompson: Almanac Supply Co is all about helping our customers live more closely with nature, and in harmony with the cycles of the seasons. We want to inspire folks to live mindful, inspired, and nature-loving lives!
fp: What's your favorite florapothecarie product?
ET: The Rose & Coconut Milk Bath is our favorite because taking time to take care of yourself is a large part of living with nature. When you prioritize taking care of and luxuriating in your body (your home), it’s easy to prioritize taking care of and luxuriating in the Earth (also your home).
fp: Why do you carry florapothecarie at Almanac Supply Co.?
ET: Supporting makers is a top priority for us. The intention, attention, and care with which makers create their products is what we want to offer our own customers, and Sami’s products help fulfill that mission in every way.
fp: With the Spring Equinox coming up next week, what tips can you give us for living seasonally?
ET: Here are the basic themes of the seasons:
Spring: renewal, action, growth
Summer: nourishing, nurturing, tending
Autumn: harvest, preparation, gathering, gratitude
Winter: celebration and recognition, followed by reflection and rest
To live seasonally, you should adopt these themes into your life in the appropriate season. Commit to resting more in the Winter, and plan social activities for the Summer and Autumn; you’ll find yourself living more in tune with nature cycles and tapping into a natural flow of living and creating!
Shop online at or in-person at market pop-ups near the Chattanooga, TN area. You can also make a personal shopping appointment for their Maker Studio. Check out what's new in shop and get more tips for living seasonally on Instagram. I'm a big fan of using their seasonal candles in my rituals.