Ingredient Love: Green Tea

Hello, I'm Sami and I have a tea addiction. Black, green, white, oolong, herbal... you name it, I've got it. I drink it straight or make chai lattes in the winter and matcha green tea ice cream in the summer. Studies have shown antioxidant-rich teas can help prevent a boatload of health issues from cancers to heart disease, and they have some pretty great beauty benefits too!

1. Reduces puffiness + inflammation. Don't have cucumber slices handy? You can use leftover green tea bags for the same eye de-puffing effect. Just be sure to let them cool down first. But it's not just for your eyes — when used on the skin, green tea reduces inflammation all over the body, but especially the face. This is why we include green tea extract in our Rose & Tea Facial Toner and finely ground green tea (matcha powder) in our Matcha Mask, which is great for gentle detoxification. 

2. Repairs sun damaged skin. The natural catechins (antioxidants with amazing free-radical fighting powers) found in green tea promote healthy cell turnover to restore sun damaged or dying skill cells.

3. Prevents wrinkles. In addition to revitalizing skin cells, catechins also prevent cell damage before it begins by blocking enzymes that cause skin wrinkling and UV damage.

4. Tightens pores. Apply cold green tea to your face with a cotton ball (or a spritzer) to shrink large pores and give your skin a healthy glow.

5. Toner. Green tea on its own makes an excellent toner because it tightens pores (see above), moisturizes, and provides an antioxidant boost. That's why green tea extract is an essential ingredient in Rose & Tea Facial Toner.

Want to get more green tea in your beauty routine? Try our Rose & Tea Facial Toner and gentle, detoxifying Matcha Mask.