Self Care Routine 4: Maya Oren #SelfLoveMonth

florapothecarie is declaring February to be #SelfLoveMonth. To celebrate, we've asked a few of our natural beauty friends to share their self-care routines. We hope they will inspire you to take time to care for and love yourself this month and every month. See all self-care routines here.

Our fourth self-care routine comes from Maya Oren // MOJALVO:

In the last hours of 2017, I had three notebooks sprawled around me on the floor, several pens scattered with the caps off, and I sat in the middle of the chaos braless in sweatpants, totally consumed by my thoughts. It has become a ritual of mine, to look back on my past year and analyze how my business did, how I did personally--see where I grew and where I maybe can improve. Then, I set intentions for my new year. This year, I kept it simple.

I have been experiencing pretty high-strung days that leave my palms sweaty, and my stomach in butterflies. This is all due to great things, and the anxiety comes mainly from being far too excited. This all being said, my main mantra for 2018 became easy to identify. I've named this year the year of intentional self-care.

The first week of January, I bought a skin care regimen from One Love Organics, and began a four-step face-washing ritual that I do every night before bed. I also have begun to take weekly baths to pamper and soothe my body from both the inside and outside. I am in love with the creamy Rose + Coconut Milk Bath from florapothecarie, especially the rose petals that swirl around my legs as I'm relaxing in the tub. In this video, I cut open a Love + Beauty Bath Tea from florapothecarie and added it to the tub for extra herbs and petals.

I've also been making it a habit to cream my body after every shower. I find the ritual of massaging cream into your body to be a loving one. My favorite cream to use is florapothecarie’s Whipped Body Butter. On the days where I really commit to my self-care mantra, I take the time to think about the reasons I love every inch of my being while creaming. It’s a pretty beautiful ritual to make a habit!


Maya Oren of MOJALVO is a visual content creator and consultant living in DC. She works within the culinary industry and beyond to curate visual feeds that reflect her brands' ethos. When she isn't behind the lens, you may find her practicing yoga, exploring a nearby town/city, or whipping up gluten free pancakes. Follow Maya on Instagram @mojalvo.