Self Care Routine 3: Logan Hill #SelfLoveMonth

florapothecarie is declaring February to be #SelfLoveMonth. To celebrate, we've asked a few of our natural beauty friends to share their self-care routines. We hope they will inspire you to take time to care for and love yourself this month and every month. See all self-care routines here.

Our third self-care routine comes from photographer Logan Hill:

Logan Hill Self Care Routine

My self-care routine is very important to me, I own my own business and I am constantly traveling so I have to bring my self-care on the road with me.

Logan Hill Self Care Routine - Deluxe Travel Set

Traveling kits and smaller sized products like florapothecarie's Deluxe Travel + Gift Set are perfect for me because I can throw them in my carry and not have to worry if they are too big for the security checkpoint.

Logan Hill Self Care Routine Whipped Body Butter

Recently I have been very conscious of giving my body self-care and not just the skin on my face. I love using the florapothecarie Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub in the shower to exfoliate my legs and arms, and then finish off by lathering on the Whipped Body Butter to ensure that my skin doesn’t get dry and stays smooth and hydrated. They are the perfect traveling size to throw in a suitcase or handbag.

Logan Hill Self Care Routine Rose + Tea Toner

When I’m at home, I make sure that I always take time for skincare. To me, self-care is all about taking the time out of my day to make sure that I am taking care of myself and my body. I’m obsessed with florapothecarie’s Rose + Tea Facial Toner. I have tried a lot of toners that left my skin dry and irritated because they have contained alcohol. florapothecarie's doesn't. The Rose + Tea Facial Toner makes my skin feel fresh and clean, like I’ve just had a facial or left the spa. The smell calms me down and I always bring it on the airplane to mist my face when I feel dry and anxious.


Logan Hill is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She’s always traveling and on the go, obsessed with all things skincare and beauty! Follow Logan on Facebook Instagram @loganraephotography