Friday is Venus Day: How to Bring More Pleasure Into Your Life

Over 5,000 years ago, Ancient Babylonians established a seven-day week, and each day was named after the Sun, the Moon and the five planets known to them at the time: Sunday (Sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), and Saturday (Saturn). Though I had known about this from my early days of studying astrology, I recently attended a workshop taught by astrologer and visual artist Kristina Bakrevski within Natalia Benson's Conscious Babe Business School, that centered on Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, beauty, and art (or creativity in general), named after the Roman Goddess. Venus - and her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite - brings harmony and abundance to all she touches. Kristina encouraged us to celebrate every Friday as "Venus Day" and make more space for pleasure in our lives.

If you're thinking you could use a little more pleasure, beauty, creativity, and love in your life (and really, who couldn't?!), here are some ideas on how to connect with Venus:

1. Discover which zodiac sign and House Venus is in within your birth chart. If you have never created a birth (or natal) chart for yourself, you can do so for free on - you'll need to know your exact date, time, and location (city) of birth. A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the very moment of your birth - it shows which constellations (which represent zodiac signs) the moon, sun, and each of the planets were in when you were born. The zodiac sign Venus was in may shed light on how you like to give and receive love, what things bring you pleasure, your creative talents, and how you express your personal style. The Houses in your chart represent the aspects of your life where you should apply the energies of the planet and zodiac signs. For example, when I was born, Venus was in the sign of Taurus (which is the zodiac sign Venus rules over, so it's at home and more powerful here) in my 7th House, the House of Marriage & Partnerships. So I would interpret this as: I prefer steady, long-term relationships - whether they are friendships or romantic relationships - and creating, owning beautiful things, and eating delicious foods are all sources of pleasure for me (Taurus energy is dependable, stable, security-oriented, artistic, elegant, indulgent, and resourceful). 

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2. Activate and engage your senses. Sensuality isn't just related to sexual pleasure. It's about actively engaging all of our senses - taste, smell, hearing, touch, sight. Eat something delicious without distraction so you can really focus on how it tastes, smells, feels in your mouth. Light a candle or turn on an essential oil diffuser to engage in aromatherapy — Venus especially loves roses, or any flower, really. Listen to soothing music. Massage yourself with a nice body oil - perhaps my Create, Calm, or Love body oils, or my Solid Lotion Bar. Add a beautiful piece of art to your wall, or photos of your loved ones, or place crystals or fresh flowers where you will see them regularly. Create an altar of beautiful things dedicated to Venus. Take time to appreciate each of your senses.

Sandro Botticelli - The Birth of Venus

3.  Take a bath. 
As with many Gods and Goddesses, the story of Venus' birth has many versions, but most seem to agree that she was born of the sea, emerging from its depths fully grown. This is most famously captured by Sandro Botticelli's painting, The Birth of Venus (above). Engaging in self-care practices that involve water, like taking a bath filled with flowers, bath salts or perhaps a coconut milk bath powder, or a foot bath, long shower, or facial steam - all of these are a great way to connect with Venus energy.


4. Embrace your beauty. Be more intentional with how you express your beauty ~ wear something that makes you feel confident and beautiful, treat your skin to a clay face mask, do something different with your hair or makeup. Venus does not view beauty as excess, so neither should you!


5. Practice positive mirror work. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell your reflection that you're beautiful, smart, loving, worthy of love, etc. I know, it will feel super weird at first, but after a while, you will start to believe it. 😘

6. Dance! Nothing makes me feel more like I'm bursting with Goddess energy than when I dance, and I'm not even all that good at it! It doesn't matter how skilled you are at dancing, put on some fun music and let your body, not your mind, lead you. Moving your hips is an especially great way to awaken Shakti (female) energy in your physical body.

7. Practice pleasurable, consensual, responsible sex. With yourself or a caring partner!

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8. Express your creativity. Draw, paint, write, color in a coloring book, make silly movies of your pets, plant something, cook something, do a ritual dedicated to love or creativity (my Radiate Love and Creative Abundance Ritual Kits are perfect for this!) ... make time for however you express your creativity, because creating art is an act of love.


I hope you will make time to connect with Venus energy today and every Friday!
xo, Sami