How-To: Use a Bath Tea as a Facial Steam

We may label our products one thing, but most of them have multiple uses and we love sharing those with you! For instance: Did you know our bath teas can also be used as facial steams? It's super easy, and you can even re-use it as a bath tea after your facial steam, too!

Using a florapothecarie Bath Tea as a Facial Steam

 You'll need:

Step One: Place the bath tea in the bowl and pour the boiling hot water over it.

You can also tear open the tea bag so the herbs are loose in the bowl.

Step Two: Make a tent with the bath towel, over your face and the bowl of bath tea. 

Step Three: Breathe in the herbal goodness for 10-15 minutes.

Step Four: Gently pat your skin dry, and follow with a good natural moisturizer, like our Rejuvenating Facial Serum or Nourish Face Balm.

Bonus Two-In-One! You can also re-use it immediately after your facial steam as a bath tea! Just pour the entire bowl into your bath water. If you've decided to cut open the bag to have loose herbs, you can scoop them out of your bath water using a fine mesh strainer, butterfly net, or pool skimmer so they don't go down your drain.