2019: The Year of Being Present

Happy 2019, lovelies!
What are your hopes and dreams this year?

Just as last year, and many years prior, I have a one-word mantra for the year that carries through my work and personal life ~ usually something I know I need to improve upon. This year, it's "present" or, more accurately, "be present." (I know, that's two words!)

Running two businesses often means I'm rushing, jumping from task to task, in a constant state of plate overfill. In the past year, I've notice my neck and shoulders become stiff (that's where I carry my stress), my sleep more restless, and my breaths more shallow. I'm not even taking enough time to b r e a t h e.

Slowing down and being present, therefore, were the things I knew I needed to focus on this year. Taking time to get organized, plan ahead, collect my thoughts and to-do's for the day or even the hour, are all things I struggle with that I realize will help me to be present and focused in any given moment, then enjoy the moments where I can be slow and still and quiet.

Being present in nature is another big goal for me this year. I am so excited to be taking an herbalism course with Twin Star, beginning this March. It's an 8-month journey combining both the spirituality and science of working with herbs. Though I work with the essences and parts of plants on a daily basis to make florapothecarie products, I do not go out and truly enjoy nature as much as I used to. I look forward to getting back into the habit of "spending time outdoors in Nature's classroom," as Twin Star puts it.

I am also making a promise to be more present in my relationship with Dave — not just rushing through eating dinner with him so I can get back to whichever business needs my attention at the time. We have some big things happening this year, and I want to experience all of those things as fully as I can. I also aim to be more present with our fur baby Appa (more play time and longer walks!), and with family and friends. 

I'm looking forward to the year ahead, and I hope you have wonderful mantras bringing you through 2019 as well!

Wishing you love, cheer, and nature walks!

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