Creative Energy Ritual for Midsummer / Summer Solstice

The sun is at its peak during the summer solstice, the festival most strongly correlated with the great ball of fire in the sky. (The word solstice is from Latin sol meaning sun and stit meaning stopped or stationary.) We have the most hours of sunlight on this day and the earth is simply buzzing with energy. Flowers are blooming, plants are budding... all building up to the great harvesting yet to come. But we have to put in the work first.

Though we often think of summer as a time for rest, recuperation, and vacation, the power of the sun gives us strength ~ it energizes and revitalizes us. This is the time to invest in creativity and take action on the work you began and seeds you planted in the spring. Here is my simple ritual for boosting creativity, cutting through the clutter, and breaking ground:

Midsummer Get It Done / Creativity Boost Ritual

You will need:

  • yellow herbs or flowers (calendula/marigold, chamomile, sunflowers, St John's wort, forsythia)
  • Create Crystal Candle, or a yellow, orange, or gold candle
  • a cauldron or fireplace (outdoor or indoor - just be safe!)
  • Create Body Oil (or a similar anointing oil)
  • citrine crystal (you'll already have one if you're using the Create Crystal Candle!)

The Creative Abundance Ritual Kit has everything you need for this ritual!

If possible, perform this ritual outdoors in the light of the day. Preferably at noon. If you can't, that's okay too! Create a mini altar and place on it your herbs, candle, citrine, and body oil. Light your candle (and fireplace if you're using one for this ritual), anoint yourself with Create Body Oil or a similar oil, preferably one with citrus essential oils, and hold your citrine in your left hand (the palm that receives energy). Speak or think the following incantation:

I thank thee sun for your warmth ~
All of nature bathes in your energizing rays.
I soak in your power and harness it to fuel my endeavors.

If you're using a fireplace, toss the herbs into the fire as you're speaking/thinking the next part. If you're using a cauldron, sprinkle the herbs into the cauldron, then light them on fire at the end. 

Help me shed the shadows of self-doubt and negative energy.
Help me to focus my efforts into creating and moving forward.
Guide me in [1-3 things you want to accomplish].
Be the light, lead the way.

Soak in the warmth of the sun and/or fire and meditate for as long as you like, then put out your fires safely.

Okay, now get to doing!