7 Ways to Bring the Beach to You

Stuck inland? I hear ya. I wish I could get to the beach more often than I do. I dream of being back on the Riviera Maya or dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean at Zuma Beach. Sigh. We can dream. In the meantime, here are a few ways to bring the beach to you:

1. Mermaid hair all year. You know how your hair always looks wild + amazing after a dip in the ocean? That's thanks to sea salt. BUT, real saltwater also dries out your hair. The solution? My Rose & Sea Salt Hair Spray, made with hydrating rosewater and coconut oil blended with Dead Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Salt. Get it here.

2. Burn a beachy-scented candle. I'm a big fan of Soy Much Brighter's Ruth Bader Ginsburg candle, which smells like coconut, teakwood and women's empowerment. 💪

3. Sunbathe in your backyard, on your deck, or roof. Lather on some sunscreen, grab your favorite beach towel or blanket, and throw it down wherever you've got a great patch of sun. If you live in a city and you don't have a backyard or deck, can you get onto your building's roof? Just be safe — don't break any rules or bones!

(photo via Brit + Co)

4. Sip on a summery cocktail. If you were on an island right now, what drink would be by your side? Mix it up at home and bring it to your sunbathing spot. Here are a few drink recipes from Brit + Co to get you started. 

(photo: @jshbooks)

5. Read something fun. Nothing says "beach day" like a fun, summery read. I read a lot of more serious novels and business books throughout the year, so when I'm at the beach (or pretending to be there), I give my brain a break with something light and entertaining. Right now, I'm reading my friend Jessica Serra Huizenga's Crazy Beautiful series. They're the perfect beach books!

6. Soak in a sea salt bath. Now that your body's heated up from sunbathing, cool down with a cold or lukewarm bath. Toss 2 Tbs of your favorite bathing salts into your tub, fill it with just enough hot water to dissolve the salts, then fill it up the rest of the way with cold or lukewarm water. It'll be (almost) just like that feeling of diving into the ocean after soaking up the sun.

7. Relax. The first rule of beach day is to relax. The second rule of beach day is to relax. Whatever you do on your beach-at-home day, make sure to de-stress and enjoy!