Self Care Routine 10: Vanessa Milano #SelfLoveMonth

florapothecarie is declaring February to be #SelfLoveMonth. To celebrate, we've asked a few of our natural beauty friends to share their self-care routines. We hope they will inspire you to take time to care for and love yourself this month and every month. See all self-care routines here.

Our tenth self-care routine comes from hair stylist Vanessa Milano:

florapothecarie’s #SelfLoveMonth campaign has inspired me to actually do some self lovins in February. My skincare routine is crazy important to me. My skin is incredibly sensitive and acne prone because of it. More dry than not. I always use florapothecarie’s Rose + Willow Facial Cleanser day and night followed by the Rose + Tea Facial Toner. I also use the Toner throughout the day as a pick me up. I exfoliate and mask twice a week as well. I either use the florapothecarie Coffee Sugar Scrub or a simple mixture of baking soda and organic coconut oil. As for a mask, I usually either do a DIY organic honey mixture or turmeric mixture.

Another part of my self love is makeup free face as pictured above. I am a hairstylist and makeup artist so the urge to wear lots of makeup is real. This month I am committing to as many makeup free days as possible. (Mascara and lip color don’t count!)


Vanessa Milano is a stylist at Christopher Michael The Salon. She’s super passionate about having an eco friendly vegan lifestyle, and is also a fitness and yoga junkie. She lives for her two little boys and her doggies. The fiancé ain’t too bad either. 😉