5 Easy Ways to Make an Impact This Earth Day

5 Easy Ways to Make an Impact this Earth Day

1. Clean up your neighborhood. When I was younger, my Dad would make trash pickup pokey sticks and take my siblings and I to pick up garbage around our neighborhood on Earth Day. Imagine if we all did this on a monthly basis?

2. Use less water. Turn off the faucet while you're brushing your teeth. Use a low-flow toilet. Take a quicker shower, or shower together with your lover.

3. Use alternative transportation. Bike, walk, take public transportation, or even carpool to work, school, or wherever else you're headed.

4. Recycle. Your bottles, your clothes, your electronics, your cardboard boxes — everything you can possibly recycle. I also like to buy recycled/upcycled clothes from local thrift and vintage shops or online ones like ThredUp.

5. Compost. Sure, you can pick up one of those fancy composting machines, but all you really need is a jar or bucket with a lid and some dirt in your backyard. New to composting? Here's a great guide on how to do it and what you can/can't compost.