Winter Essentials Gift Set

  • $ 55.00

Keep your skin happy during harsh winter months with four skin-nourishing 100% natural body care products:

  • Whipped Body Butter (4 oz)
  • Coco Balm
  • Your choice of one body scrub (see choices below)
  • Your choice of one all-natural bar of soap from Treefort Naturals, another female-run CT business.
  • Packaged in a giftable + recyclable white cardboard box

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Note: coupons cannot be used on this gift set — it's such a great deal already!

Product Details:

Whipped Body Butter — rich and creamy all-natural body butter made with skin-nourishing certified organic cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Wonderfully smoothing and moisturizing for even the driest skin. Unrefined cocoa butter gives it a light and luxurious chocolate scent. 100% organic, 100% natural, and vegan.

Coco Balm — your favorite vegan lip balm. Unlike many popular brands of lip balms, Coco Balm actually restores moisture to your lips with Certified Organic ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, and Cocoa Butter, blended with extra-nourishing Vitamin E Oil. Coco Balm is made with plant-based candelilla wax, so it is vegan-approved! Like all florapothecarie products, Coco Balm contains no artificial color or flavoring. 

Body Scrub Choices:

Coffee Sugar Scrub — out of stock!

Coconut Sugar Scrubyou'll go coco-nuts for this body scrub, especially if you like piña coladas and exfoliating your skin. Organic and Fair Trade Certified natural cane sugar gently exfoliates while certified organic coconut and jojoba oils moisturize, making skin soft and smooth. Plus, it's got a freaking incredible buttery natural coconut scent that will make you want to eat this, but please don't!

Lavender Sugar Scrub — breathe deeply. Organic lavender essential oil and lavender flower powder will relax your body and mind. Organic and Fair Trade Certified natural cane sugar gently exfoliates while certified organic coconut and jojoba oils moisturize, making skin soft and smooth.

Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub — rose and Himalayan salt work together for the ultimate beauty restoration. Rose otto essential oil, Himalayan salt, and powdered rose hips revitalize and re-mineralize the skin and draw out toxins while organic coconut and jojoba oils moisturize, making skin soft, smooth, and beautiful.

Bar Soap Choices:

Note: These soaps are all 100% natural and vegan. No synthetic colors, dyes, perfumes or preservatives are used and no animal fats or by-products.

Calendula Lemongrass — bright and uplifting! This soap is lightly scented with lemongrass essential oil and infused with coconut milk and soothing calendula petals.

Chamomile Lavender — olive oil soaps are amazingly mild and gentle - suitable for even the youngest of babes & those with sensitive skin. This soap is made with extra olive oil and has a silky, luxurious lather. The scent is pure lavender.

Charcoal Tea Tree — activated bamboo charcoal is an amazing ingredient in soap. This is a deeply cleansing bar that will make you feel fresh and clean from head to toe. Lightly scented with Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Grapefruit, Bergamot + Ginger Root — This soap is an instant mood enhancer. The perfect "wake up and go" soap! The scent is fresh and clean and the addition of dried ginger root provides gentle texture.

Orange Hops — this sweet & earthy soap was made with locally grown hops to add a gentle texture. Suitable for any skin type, this soap has a creamy lather and leaves skin clean and happy! The predominant scent is orange with just a hint of earthy patchouli.

Rosemary Mint — an herbal exfoliating experience! This moisturizing olive oil soap is enriched with luxurious coconut milk and includes dried organic leaves of Rosemary & Peppermint for a little scrubby action. The scent is fresh, herbaceous with a hint of mint.

Saltwater + Aloe — this “brine bar” is made with sea salt water, fresh aloe juice, and French Green Clay. The scent is a light and fresh blend of lime and ylang ylang essential oils. 

Simply Olive — made with 80% Olive Oil. It has all the benefits of a true Castile soap but with the added bonus of bubbles! Coconut & Castor Oils have been added to create a mild yet cleansing lather. Unscented, pure, simple and gentle enough for baby.