Calming & Healing Crystal Bath Set

  • $ 38.00

Soothe anxiety and emotional trauma with this calming crystal bath ritual kit. This ritual is best done during a New Moon, Waxing Moon, or whenever you need to bring a little more calm into your life.

This set includes:

  • Your choice of Amazonite or Amethyst crystal (see descriptions below)
  • Lavender-vanilla soy, flower-filled tealight candle
  • Calm Bath Tea & Facial Steam
  • Your choice of either Calm Floral Bath Salt Soak or Lavender & Coconut Milk Bath
  • Calming & Healing Crystal Bath Ritual instruction card
  • Packaged in a pretty, giftable white box.

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Crystal Meanings:

Amazonite ~ soothes anxiety and emotional trauma, calms the brain and nervous system, provides clarity in problem-solving, and helps you speak your truth.

Amethyst ~ a stone of transformation, useful in times of upheaval or great change. Aids in protection, addiction-release, healing, and sleep.