Deluxe Mask Gift Set

  • $ 74.00

Our Mask Gift Set just got an upgrade! Put your best face forward with everything you need for a full facial treatment:

  • 1 oz sample-sized Rose & Willow Facial Cleanser
  • 1 oz sample-sized Rose & Tea Facial Cleanser
  • 1 oz sample-sized Rejuvenating Facial Serum
  • Your choice of heart-shaped konjac sponge (what is a konjac sponge?) NOTE: konjac sponges are being discontinued. Once we sell out, we will replace orders with a tealight candle. 
  • Your choice of full-sized florapothecarie face mask (see below)
  • Porcelain mask mixing bowl, approximately 4" wide, handmade in collaboration with Avé Rivera Studio
  • Mask brush with 2" fan, made with taklon (synthetic, vegan) bristles and a 6" bamboo handle

How to use:

  1. Wet konjac sponge by soaking in water for a few seconds and squeeze several times until it's expanded.
  2. Pump Rose & Willow Facial Cleanser into konjac sponge, squeeze a few times to get it sudsy, then massage gently all over face to cleanse and exfoliate.
  3. Mix up your chosen mask. Add 1-2 tsp of mask into the bowl, then mix in a few drops of water or oil. (We recommend using oil for Charcoal Masks as water can make it a bit clumpy.)
  4. Mix until you have a nice paste.
  5. Apply mask all over face with fan brush.
  6. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes or until dry.
  7. Rinse face well to remove mask.
  8. Pat dry with towel.
  9. Spritz Rose & Tea Facial Toner all over face. Count to 10 then use a cotton ball to swipe up remaining toner. (Alternately, you can leave it on until it's dry, but using a cotton ball will help remove any remaining mask.)
  10. Squirt 2-3 pumps of serum into your hand, then massage onto your face with gentle upward motions.

Each porcelain mask bowl was hand formed and painted with the help of our friend Avé Rivera. The vegan-friendly brush is made with synthetic bristles and a bamboo handle. This set comes beautifully packaged in a gift-ready white box with undyed, biodegradable, totally natural wood excelsior, sustainably harvested from Aspen trees.

Include a gift note at no additional charge ~ just type it in the "Special Instructions for seller" box at checkout.

Note: coupons cannot be used on this gift set ~ it's such a great deal already!

Choose your konjac sponge:

  • Original - white
  • Rose - magenta   - out of stock!
  • French Red Clay - dark red
  • Lycopene - coral

Choose your mask:

Charcoal Mask: 

| detoxify & deep clean |

Tell blackheads and acne to take a hike! This facial mask is formulated with activated charcoal, harvested sustainably from American wood. Charcoal can absorb up to 200x its weight in impurities, so it’s awesome for detoxifying and deep-cleaning pores. It’s paired here with highly absorbent bentonite clay. We recommend mixing this mask with an oil (jojoba, almond, olive) for best results.

Skin type: Best for oily, normal, or acne-prone skin. Not recommended for very dry or sensitive skin.

Chocolate Mask:

| repair & renew |

As if you needed another reason to love chocolate! Pure, organic cocoa powder is full of antioxidants to fight off free radicals, heal damaged skin, prevent premature aging, and reduce lines and wrinkles. Paired with dehydrated coconut milk and kaolin clay, this mask gently exfoliates, smooths, and hydrates your skin.

Skin type: Great for all skin types, especially sensitive or dry.

Matcha Mask:

| tone & detoxify |

Matcha matcha mask! If you’re looking for something detoxifying but gentler than our charcoal mask, this mask is for you! French Green Clay is full of minerals to tone, tighten, detoxify, and increase circulation. Antioxidant-rich matcha (finely powdered green tea) and ginseng reduce inflammation, heal, and stimulate cell growth. Just add water!

Skin type: Great for all skin types.

Rose Clay Mask:

| exfoliate & mineralize |

Skip the spa and get a facial right in your own home. Rose kaolin clay improves your skin's circulation as it gently cleanses and exfoliates. Dehydrated coconut milk smooths and polishes while nutrient-rich powdered rose hips (full of Vitamin C, tannin, and carotene) mineralize and beautify. The pink color of this mask comes from the rose clay (naturally tinted with iron oxide) and rose hips.

Skin type: Great for all skin types, especially sensitive.